Scope Of Animal Cruelty

When  we speak of animal cruelty it ranges a wide variety of actions that often  results in animal mistreatment which all ends up to a summation of unnecessary  actions that were merely done to inflict pain and suffering to defenseless  animals. But the term animal cruelty does not have the same meaning for every  country. Some may find caging animals for circus purposes as a great act of  cruelty while in some other parts of the world it may not seem as a grave act  for them and may have only set some limit over such. Although  the number of acts that constitutes animal cruelty is wide there are some that  are very much common in this day and age. There are those that are done for  entertainment purposes such as cock fighting as well as dog fighting. There are  also those done out of fashion sense such as those that manufactures fur coats  and animal skin accessories. Another thing is that of using animals for  experimentation.

This is a common phenomenon when we science requires to test  new medicines and even cosmetics. In  this light, we have already set up ways to fight this type abuse among animals.  Although it would require monetary contributions to organizations such as PETA  or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Another contribution we  can give is to avoid consuming meat products. Not only are vegetables and  fruits truly beneficial for health but in this manner we may be able to save  too much demand for animal slaughter. There are also some companies that do not  perform animal testing with the use of animals. People should opt to read the  labels to find out if they have been animal-friendly with their product design.  We can also help by adopting animals from legitimate humane societies or those  that we can found astray from the streets. We should also be aware of other  people’s action, it is our responsibility to let the proper authorities and agencies  know if there are any forms of abuse happening within our neighborhood.

If  you want to own an animal or a pet for your own avoid acquiring one from pet  shops. Most of the time, these types of businesses are very much into puppy  mills which means that they force animals to breed repeatedly without looking  out for the wellness of such animals. If  you would be asking for what would you be getting in return for fighting in the  line of animal rights. The answer would be none but the connection and loyalty  you may have as well as the love that may be brought to you in return is  already enough to count as a benefit. But patience should also be present when  the animal you have chosen to give shelter to has been previously abused and  neglected. It would take a lot of time before you can be able to gain their  trust. It is also advisable to get your animal neutered so as to avoid them  from overpopulating.