Do you know how to properly approach a dog?

Of course you do not run up to a dog expecting them to be friendly right from the start. Especially those located behind fences, chained in a yard or even in a pet store, approaching them head on with your eyes staring at them may be seen by the dog as a challenge and may result in a confrontation. Turn your body sideways and speak in a low tone never making eye contact with them. This usually will work and you will be able to walk away from a situation easier.

But when you know a dog is friendly and you ask the owner if you can touch their dog, don’t rush up to that dog and try to hug them or start to play with them while they are on a leash. That dog owner would like his pet to behave while walking and not get excited and start barking or jumping.  There is no need for you to extend your hand to a dog’s face, by the time you get in front of them they have already sniffed you out. Also, never hug a dog you are not familiar with, when you wrap your arms around a dogs neck, this could be seen as a challenge to that dog, the dog is just acting as the animal that they are. Humans must remember that, there is a specific order of dominance among the animal kingdom and they see that hug as the challenge in dominance.

Most owners love to have their dog socialize; never assume that a dog is friendly and just walk up to it, always ask permission to pet the animal. strongly encourages people to stop and use good judgment when approaching an unfamiliar dog, this way it keeps you safe and also guards that precious dog you really want to pet.

And may I also suggest when walking your dogs that you be responsible dog owners and clean up their mess. Just for you I recommend Potty Paws, the disposable glove that keeps you clean while cleaning up after Fido.


Common Dog Health Problems

Common dog health problems is an issue that is the responsibility of every dog owner to know about. A lot of people are raising dogs because they are good pets and they can be easily trained.  Dogs health should be maintained at its optimum level because good health is very crucial in their proper growth and development. However, you cannot really foresee if your dog will contract or develop any disease or illness.

Basic knowledge about common dog health problems is very important so that you can determine if your dog needs immediate attention from a veterinarian for appropriate management. You can read about dog health concerns from articles in the internet and from books, or you can ask your dog’s veterinarian for more information. It is essential to keep an eye on your dog’s health because prevention is better than cure. This will prevent you from enduring many unexpected costs, and this will help to keep your dog active and in good shape.

Here are some common dog health problems that you should know:


Caused by rhabdovirus from the Rhabdoviridae family, and it affects the central nervous system that can cause infection of the brain of all mammals as well as humans. The virus can be found in the saliva and mucous membranes of an infected dog. The virus can be transmitted by biting and viral contamination of a broken skin or wound of an uninfected dog, other animals, or man. This is a very fatal disease and has no treatment. You should make sure that your dog has received a vaccination against rabies and keep them from rabies-infected animals.

Canine Distemper

Caused by paramyxovirus, an airborne virus that is highly contagious. The virus can be transmitted through air or via body secretions from an infected dog. It affects the eyes, nervous, integumentary, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems of the dog. Nowadays, canine distemper is not fatal but it can cause serious and detrimental effects. There is no known and specific treatment for canine distemper. However, vaccinations can be a great help to prevent the disease from infecting your dog.

Canine Leptospirosis

Caused by leptospira interrogans, bacteria that infects the kidneys and the liver. The bacteria can be transmitted through contact with body secretions of an infected dog. It can be treated with antibiotics, intravenous fluid therapy, and intensive care and monitoring.

Kennel Cough

An upper respiratory disease caused by a variety of viruses, which includes parainfluenza, and bacteria, which includes bordetella. It is also known as Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis. It affects the trachea (windpipe) and bronchi which is found in the lungs. It is a very contagious disease that causes chronic dry hacking cough, wheezing, lack of appetite, and fever. Kennel cough can further develop as pneumonia in young puppies and old dogs.

Flea Infestation

An external parasite found in the dog’s skin. This is one of the most common dog health problems of all.  They are insects that belong to the Siphonaptera family, which literally means sucking-wingless. Fleas are ectoparasites that may appear light or dark brown in color; they are small like the size of a pencil lead, they are wingless and they are in constant motion. Fleas are commonly found at the base of the tail, between the ears, or on the abdomen where it has short hairs over it and they can be easily seen. There are treatments available for flea eradication such as flea shampoo, dips, and flea control sprays. But you must treat the environment of the dog as well for successful flea extermination.


Scope Of Animal Cruelty

When  we speak of animal cruelty it ranges a wide variety of actions that often  results in animal mistreatment which all ends up to a summation of unnecessary  actions that were merely done to inflict pain and suffering to defenseless  animals. But the term animal cruelty does not have the same meaning for every  country. Some may find caging animals for circus purposes as a great act of  cruelty while in some other parts of the world it may not seem as a grave act  for them and may have only set some limit over such. Although  the number of acts that constitutes animal cruelty is wide there are some that  are very much common in this day and age. There are those that are done for  entertainment purposes such as cock fighting as well as dog fighting. There are  also those done out of fashion sense such as those that manufactures fur coats  and animal skin accessories. Another thing is that of using animals for  experimentation.

This is a common phenomenon when we science requires to test  new medicines and even cosmetics. In  this light, we have already set up ways to fight this type abuse among animals.  Although it would require monetary contributions to organizations such as PETA  or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Another contribution we  can give is to avoid consuming meat products. Not only are vegetables and  fruits truly beneficial for health but in this manner we may be able to save  too much demand for animal slaughter. There are also some companies that do not  perform animal testing with the use of animals. People should opt to read the  labels to find out if they have been animal-friendly with their product design.  We can also help by adopting animals from legitimate humane societies or those  that we can found astray from the streets. We should also be aware of other  people’s action, it is our responsibility to let the proper authorities and agencies  know if there are any forms of abuse happening within our neighborhood.

If  you want to own an animal or a pet for your own avoid acquiring one from pet  shops. Most of the time, these types of businesses are very much into puppy  mills which means that they force animals to breed repeatedly without looking  out for the wellness of such animals. If  you would be asking for what would you be getting in return for fighting in the  line of animal rights. The answer would be none but the connection and loyalty  you may have as well as the love that may be brought to you in return is  already enough to count as a benefit. But patience should also be present when  the animal you have chosen to give shelter to has been previously abused and  neglected. It would take a lot of time before you can be able to gain their  trust. It is also advisable to get your animal neutered so as to avoid them  from overpopulating.


How to Give Your Dog Medicine

If the veterinarian prescribes your dog a liquid form of medicine, it is often difficult to get a dog to take the medicine.

There are two ways to give your dog the medicine:

1. Making a pouch with the dog’s mouth:

Using one hand, pull out the corner of the dog’s lower lip to make a small pouch.  Tilt the dog’s head back and pour the liquid medicine into the mouth using your other hand.  It is very similar to what I had to do with my bearded dragon diet juvenile.

In some instances, the medicine does not go in right away.  This occurs when the dog’s teeth are clenched too tightly and the medicine cannot flow into the dog’s throat.  When this happens, gently pry his mouth open using your fingers.  If the dog tries to move away, position his rear end in a corner so he will not be able to back away from you.  You can also get another person to help you hold the dog during the process.  Another way of doing this method is to sit on the floor or a bed with the dog between your legs.  Position his rear end toward you with his head facing away.  This way, you can keep him positioned more easily.  As soon as you have the liquid medicine in, induce swallowing by carefully and gently holding the dog’s mouth almost closed and lightly massage his throat.  You can tell that he has swallowed the medication when his tongue emerges briefly from between the front teeth.  You can also make him swallow the liquid medicine by briefly and gently putting your thumb over his nostrils.

2. Prying the dog’s mouth open

Gently grasp the  dog’s upper jaw using one hand and insert your thumb and fingers in the gaps just behind the fangs.  For a tiny dog, just one finger is necessary along with the thumb.  Most dogs will then relax their mouths a little so that you can easily pour the liquid medicine with a dropper or a spoon between his front teeth.  Make sure that his head is tilted back so that the liquid does not run down his throat.

If the medication prescribed by the vet is in capsule or pill form, you will use a different method to get your dog to swallow the medicine. To get a dog to swallow a pill you will first open his mouth by grasping around his upper jaw, just like what you would do for liquid medicine.  Hold the capsule or pill either between your thumb and the first finger or between the first and second fingers.  Use the remaining fingers to press down the lower front teeth to pry the jaw open.

Once the dog’s mouth is open, put the pill into the throat and push it as far back as you can.  Induce swallowing the same as you would when giving liquid medication.  This method for giving your dog pills may seem awkward and difficult at first.  But after a few tries, you will get more experienced and find it much easier and effortless to give your dog the medicine he needs.


100962111_209fcd0a81_zAfter a long day of work, making sure the dogs have adequate exercise can be a little difficult for this family of six. We often have to find creative ways to get the ya-ya’s out so that we can all rest easily. Our dogs spend up to 10 hours alone at home while the family is away at work and school so when we arrive home they are full of energy. Here are just a few easy activities that you can use to keep your pooch entertained.

1. Work for your dinner

Evening meal time is a great time for a training session. Making your dog work for his dinner will allow him to exert mental energy producing a calmer, more relaxed dog.

All of my dogs are at different levels when it comes to training so we go around in a circle and each dog performs one trick and gets a few pieces of kibble. In approximately the same time that it would take for our dogs to scarf down their meals from their bowls, we have had a training session and everyone is much more relaxed and settled down. We work on tricks that we can use later on such as sit, down (lay down), back up, and wait. We also throw in a few other tricks for fun such as shake, stand up, roll over and some hand targeting.

2. Treasure hunt

Dogs spend a lot of time gathering information with their nose. Think of nose work for your dogs like you would think of homework for your kids.

When I need to dogs to stay busy for a few minutes I will take a cup full of kibble, treats or even dry cereal and toss it into the yard spreading it over several square feet so all three dogs have room to hunt. If you don’t have a yard you can try it in your living room, kitchen or anywhere you allow your dogs to stay. The food doesn’t have to be hidden but extra bonus points if it is. When you are first starting out, you might want to toss the food into a conspicuous place until your dog catches on to the Treasure hunt game.

3. Visit a new place

It seems that this week my dogs have gotten spring fever. Everyone has been extra antsy lately so today we visited a new park. We weren’t there for very long but after a half hour of walking around, sniffing new scents, and looking at new sights, the dogs were down for the count.

Taking your dog to experience something novel is a great socialization exercise and also one that will expel some extra energy. . The local park, a dog friendly cafe, a new neighborhood, a new dog park or even the closest lake or river are just a few destinations that your dog might enjoy checking out. Some care should be taken to make sure your pet is healthy before their outing and making sure your destination is pet friendly. Also, just because dogs are allowed at some locations does not mean that they are right for your dog. Take some time to visit the destination beforehand without your dog and survey the scene.  What unique ways do you use to exercise your dog?


Regular Exercise And Bonding With Your Dogs

Dogs are just like people to the extent that they need exercise just as much as everyone else in the world. Even if you have a busy schedule, it only takes a few minutes to take your dog for a walk at different intervals of every day. There are many reasons why exercise is important for dogs. They get bored easily, you need that time to spend with your pet, and it makes it easier for you to track their weight progress. Veterinarians recommend regular exercise.

When dogs tear up your household, it usually means they are bored because they are not getting much attention from their owner. You may be too busy to throw a ball for them or give them some toys to play with. They will also eventually go to the bathroom on your floor to get some more attention. Even though it is negative attention, they are still getting some from you. They think of it as you are spending time with them, and that is all that matters. By taking your dog on walks, they are less likely to destroy your house. Plus they get some one on one attention from their owner, which can be a time to bond with your pet such as stroking them behind their ears.

Of course you feed your dog every day but without exercise your dog can gain too much weight. You may not be the type of owner that will weigh your dog every day but you can easily tell because they will start to get fatter every day. When you take your dog for walks, it maintains their weight so they can stay healthy.

These reasons are good reasons to take your dogs for walks every day. It is also good to encourage older children to help out if you are too busy. It still only takes a few minutes for you to walk up and down your street or around the neighborhood. When you take your dogs for walks often, you will notice a change in behavior because they will not be going to the bathroom in your house or tearing up your household. Also you will notice how healthy and happy your dog is becoming.

If you need more instructions regarding your pet and how to exercise them properly, you can contact us using our contact us page on this website.


Dogs Have Social Needs Just Like People Do

Have you ever considered that your dog is not like most animals? The vast majority of animals are not domesticated, and while they may have a social hierarchy within their own small group that satisfies their need for social interaction, humans are not a part of this. What sets your dog apart is that dogs have social needs that go beyond the usual “pack” group mentality, and includes humans. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so.

Modern dogs have social needs inherited from their wolf ancestors. As man slowly domesticated these wild animals through selective breeding and friendship, the modern dog never lost this need for social interaction. Today this interaction is with other dogs and humans. This is one of the many reasons why we enjoy dogs so much and why they also enjoy our company.

Owning a dog requires we provide them with not only proper care and a safe environment. It also includes meeting their desire for social interaction with us. Much as the wild wolf views his pack as his family our dogs view us as their family and pack. This is where they feel needed and most comfortable.

A few of what dogs have social needs for include the following:

  1. A loving, safe home and family who takes the time to exercise their dog with walks and play. This is a time for bonding with your dog, and showing him or her they are important members of the family.
  2. Their own space to take naps, sleep, go when they wish to be alone, and this is a place they feel safe. It can be a particular room in your home or outside in their pen.
  3. Training and discipline play a vital role in the life of a dog. Just as children want to know what is acceptable behavior so does your dog. They thrive best when taught what behavior you will praise them for, and what bad behavior on their part means. When disciplining your dog remember to never hit, kick, scream, or abuse the dog in any way. This is not going to help socialize your dog and will often turn an otherwise friendly dog into a dog with a mean side.
  4. One of the most overlooked aspects is socialization with other dogs.

Socialization to other dogs is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a dog’s social experience. The more dogs and puppies a young dog meets, the better he will get along with any dog, anywhere. Not supplying your dog with the skills with which to get along with other dogs may well be a form of abuse and neglect.

This includes being kept with their littermates for at least 8 weeks, and plenty of play with other dogs afterwards. I urge you to read their informative article.

Dogs have social needs and as responsible owners it is our responsibility to meet these needs. A well socialized dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is a healthy dog.

Is your dog’s social needs being met?


Stop Your Barking Dog Problem?

If you live in an area that has a lot of neighbors and your dog will not be quiet; then you are well aware of the fact that this can be a problem. However every pet owner needs to understand that there are some steps that you can do to stop your barking dog problem.

Everyone needs to realize that the only reason your dog will begin barking is because they are trying to tell you that they need something. Just like when your kids need something they will begin making noise to let you know that they need attention.

Dogs are going to bark because it is the only form of communication that they can use. If you have a dog then you have to try to figure out what they need or why they are barking.

Extremely Bored: Every pet owner needs to realize that their dog will begin to bark if they are left at home all alone without any type of attention. One of the ways to get them to be quiet is to begin paying more attention to them and take them for a walk right when you get home.

Communicating: Dogs are very smart and if they realize that they are out of food or water they tend to bark to attempt to get your attention. If you have an outside dog they could be barking because the neighborhood kids keep coming by your house or it could be too hot or cold outside.

Obedience Problem: If your dog has an obedience issue then you will discover that they will bark for no apparent reason. Just like kids they will begin to do things because they know that it bothers you; it is up to you to let them know how you expect them to behave. If you do not take the time to discipline them then they will run all over you.

Teach Your Dog

Every pet owner has to take the time to discipline their furry friends no matter how cute they are. This is the only way that we will be able to have great pets. Obedience training will help strengthen your pet owner bond and bring you both closer. Besides training it is vital that you do proper exercise and give them lots of love; they will give you unconditional love in return.  Remember it is going to take love and discipline and if you still haven’t gotten Fido to stop barking, check out the video below.


Training For Aggressive Dogs

The beginning signs of aggressive dog behavior is linked to the dog being aggressive as a puppy. So many people who own dogs make the mistake of seeing ferocious puppies as playful behavior. Before you know it, your cute little new puppy grows up to be a ferocious beast because owners failed to see the warning signs in the beginning.

When it comes to training a dog there exist many types of training methods which work very well. Some of these training methods though could actually make your dog show more aggression. It is very important that you learn the proper way to train your dog and you will be one hundred percent guaranteed to have a good relationship with your dog.

What To Do Before You Start Training

It is essential that you consult with a qualified dog professional with certification who can assist you in diagnosing your dog’s problems. Many times it is the surrounding environment that has an impact on your dog’s behavior, but it could also be linked to certain medical conditions. Speaking with a professional animal trainer or a vet can be helpful in getting you off too the right start with dog training for aggressive behavior. Their are also many training courses and classes you can take for dog breed specific aggression.

The Right And Wrong Way For Training Aggressive Dogs

Sometimes you already know that your dog is very aggressive. As a responsible dog owner you have to take it upon yourself to take preventative measures. If you know your dog is overzealous and overly energetic, you should make sure that you keep him out of public places and away from people unless you are accompanied by a professional animal trainer. It is very important that you get your dog out of environments that may make him uncomfortable and anxious which can lead to very bad things happening.

One of the best techniques you can use to get rid of dog aggression is to get your dog socialized with other people and animals. As as precaution, if you decide to take on this method, you need to be sure that your dog is muzzled at all times. After time when you know that your dog is less anxious it can be taken off around people and animals.

Another step that you need to take before you start training for aggressive dogs is to spay or neuter. Doing this will lessen the aggressive behavior in your pet especially around other dogs. A good dog breeder will do this for you before you pick your dog up

Punishment Is Not Acceptable

People assume that punishment is a good way to train your dog at first, but this is not correct. Punishing your dog when first attempting to train him will result in the dog being much more anxious and fearful which can lead to a biting incident or attack on someone. Hitting an animal can lead to more aggression and is counter productive.

What To Avoid When Training For Aggressive Behavior

Do not let your dog get use to belligerent behavior. When dogs get use to being aggressive it lets them become more dangerous and more domineering. Games like tug-of-war are not considered good because it is teaching the dog to be dominant over you.

At some point your dog is going to have to learn to obey commands. It is not good to constantly satisfy him because he will start to become dominant. Other things that will show your dog that you are the leader is making sure that he walks behind you and never let him finish eating before you are done with your meal. Your dog should also be at a point below you at all times and never above you.

Praise Is A Good Thing When The Time Is Right

When your canine begins to demonstrate good behavior it is time to start praising them for their actions. Canines are always satisfied with pleasing their owners and this is considered one of the best techniques for training aggressive dogs. As time goes on your dog will follow your every command and please you at will as long as you are fine with it.
Just remember that training for aggressive dogs is a long process and you are going to need to have patience when getting started. Sometimes you might find that your first attempt at how to help an aggressive dog might not go as you want it to. Just give it some effort, have patience and show your dog love so you can be on your way to a lifetime of good obedience with your pet.